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AU Fins is founded on innovation and free thinking! A very misconstrued concept that many fin companies and shapers believe is that the flex in the fin is most crucial. Although flex in a surf fin is necessary, it is not the most important element. The shape and contour are actually the most important parts to making the highest performance surf fin on the market. Flex and foil follow in line AFTER shape and contour. Today's largest surf fin companies do not want to veer too far from the idea of straight fins only. As a result, flex and foil are their only changes due to the fact that a change in mold and manufacturing can be extremely costly. These large fin companies pour millions into advertising campaigns, team riders, marketing geniuses, and master graphic artists to create and recreate fins that are visually stimulating. Granted, the sizes, the flex, and the foil might be slightly different; but their shape has yet to change. Well, guess what! AU Fins has changed the status quo! We've risked it all to introduce the 24K & Signature Series models to the surfing world.