What makes our Fins unique?

It’s not rocket science, but we had a rocket scientist prove that it works.

What are you willing to give to achieve greatness…

You search for the perfect wave. We search for the perfect ride.

When your career is on the line, trust AU Fins!

Surf Fins

Hybrid 2.0

More rake, great for point breaks and bigger waves, long drawn out turns, fast down line, power surfing.

LRc 2.0

Upright template, great for beach-break and steep wave faces, quick pocket surfing, nice release.

Kilos Twin +1

Large surface area, upright template, blazing fast down the line, drivey with good release through the lip.

AU Single Fin

The AU Single Fin outperforms any linear single fin on both Left handed Right handed waves of all types!

Wake Fins

LR Solids Snow Camo

LR Solids Swirl

OG Solids Black & White

OG Solids Pink & Blue

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