Kilos Twin +1 – Click-In


  • Widest range of performance
  • All around solid, reliable and consistent.
  • Knee-high to double overhead plus, perfect and glassy or small and choppy this template has you covered
  • Super drivey with quick easy transitions.
  • Good for power surfing, deep pits and aerial maneuvers


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Product Description

Large surface area, upright template, blazing fast down the line, drivey with good release through the lip.

Ideal Conditions

This template performs best in conditions ranging from waist high to a couple of feet overhead.

  • Small Surf: You will immediately notice a burst of speed from the take-off with generous amounts of board agility on the open face.
  • Medium Surf: You will notice an even greater feeling of projection in and out of turns compared to what the board felt like before AU Fins. The maneuverability is largely enhanced and feels reliable and consistent.
  • Large Surf: You will notice the board loosen up quite a bit without sacrificing speed or control. This template is a great all-around fin that really excels in 3’-8’ decent to epic waves.

Skill Level

  • Advanced: You will notice the “slingshot” effect off the bottom up into the lip and through carving maneuvers.
  • Intermediate: You will notice easily powering down the line with projection and stability while wrapping through turns.
  • Novice: You will notice a more lively feel to the board with extra energy to give in the critical sections of the wave all while feeling stable and controlled.

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We give you the complete package.

Included with your brand new AU Fins is a custom protective vinyl bag to keep each fin separated and safe during all of your surf travels. You will find neatly secured within each bag an AU fin key, wax comb hanger, sticker and technology pamphlet.

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