AU LRc 2.0 – Click-In


  • Construction: Performance Hex-Core
  • Resin: Elastomax strength Polymer
  • Foil: Gradual Flat
  • Base: 3x reinforced base
  • Tech: Spiral Propulsion


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Product Description

The LRc template (less rake carbon) became the second template added to the family of AU Fins. Designed to be more upright in stature with less rake, this template fits well with more vertical surfing, quick tail throws and tight surfing in the pockets. With less rake, one will notice quick acceleration in steeper tighter sections with more release at the lip and through the end of turns.

Ideal Conditions

This template performs best in knee to head high surf, textured or clean waves.


  • Small Surf: You will notice short quick transitions between rail transfers and easy manuevering in tight sections of the wave.
  • Medium Surf: You will notice quite a bit of play in the maneuverability of the board, easily throw the tail around up into the lip and through the end of turns.
  • Large Surf: You will notice a very loose feel in wave heights above head high, almost like a twin fin kind of feel in the bigger stuff.

Skill Level

  • Advanced: You will notice shorter quicker bottom turns with quite a bit of play up into and out of the lip and through the end of turns.
  • Intermediate: You will notice good speed from the take-off and a loose overall feeling through turns without sacrificing speed and drive.
  • Novice: You will notice an easily maneuverable board with control and speed.

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