"Meet the Inventors"

The first thing that we would like to acknowledge is that we are most inspired by one thing… surfing! Pierce has a background in high performance competition style surfing, while Borba is a stylish single fin surfer. Together, we have blended our style to create our patented AU "spiral propulsion technology" fins.

We have spent years surfing, analyzing, and adjusting our designs and materials. Now we are introducing to the surfing world our 24K and Signature Series models that were designed while surfing the waves of Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Tahiti, Costa Rica, and our hometown, Dana Point, California. Au is the symbol for gold on the periodic table of elements, and we felt this was fitting because we funded our entire AU Fins operation with Dana Point Gold & Coin. You can stop by and visit us at AU Fins/Dana Point Gold & Coin at 24422 Del Prado, Suite #1, Dana Point, California. We love experimental conceptualizations and are always willing to get feedback from any surfer. We feel that positivity, free thinking, and collaboration have led to our new innovations. Down the road, we plan on perfecting different sizes and shapes for a melange of boards and waves.